The Ninigret Group was formed in 1993 by Randolph Abood to engage in the business of developing, managing and owning real estate. An outgrowth of the G & R Realty Company formed by Mr. Abood in the mid-1980’s, the Ninigret Group has developed and co-owned a 178-acre business park in Salt Lake City known as Ninigret Park, a 400-acre business park known as Ninigret Technology Park, a 185-acre site in Syracuse City, Utah known as Ninigret North and a 400-acre site called Ninigret Depot.

The Ninigret Group has completed over $300 million worth of real estate transactions over the last 25 years and currently owns and manages a 30-building portfolio in Utah, Florida, Arizona, Texas, Colorado, Georgia and Rhode Island. Ninigret’s investment strategy focuses on identifying attractive markets, and within these markets, higher-yielding properties that trade below replacement cost. The portfolio has encompassed primarily industrial warehouse and manufacturing, office, medical office, self-storage, stand-alone retail, and multifamily.

Ninigret projects have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, the Salt Lake Tribune and publications by NAIOP the National Real Estate Development Association. The Ninigret Group was awarded Developer of the Year in 2009 by the Utah division of NAIOP, the first year of the award.


Ninigret believes in the overriding importance of implementing our investment strategies and business plan as outlined by our guiding principles:

We embrace an opportunistic investment approach, seeking out undervalued assets and opportunities that others have overlooked. By identifying and capitalizing on market inefficiencies, we seek to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns.

We prioritize rigorous risk management and due diligence. Our investment decisions are supported by comprehensive research, financial analysis, and thorough assessment of potential risks. We strive to identify and mitigate risks proactively, protecting our investors’ capital and optimizing risk-adjusted returns.

We actively manage our investments, employing strategies to enhance value. Through creative problem-solving, operational efficiencies, and value-add initiatives, we seek to maximize cash flow, optimize returns, and unlock the full potential of our real estate assets.

We adopt a long-term investment horizon. We understand that real estate is a cyclical asset class and are prepared to weather market fluctuations. Our patient capital allows us to capture value over extended periods, leveraging the power of compounding and strategic management.


Randolph Abood
Chairman, Founder

Valerie Fields
Director of Finance

Gary McEntee

Jennifer Stephens

Eric Rice
Project Manager

Dennis Light
Asset Manager – West

George Abood
Portfolio Manager

Andrew Kern
Investment Analyst

Kevin Button
Asset Manager – East