North Temple Landfill Environmental Clean-Up and Redevelopment

The North Temple Landfill is a closed municipal landfill occupying 770 acres within Salt Lake’s Northwest Quadrant that was operated by the Salt Lake City Corporation between 1959 and 1979, accepting waste from Salt Lake City and other local entities. The Utah School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration (SITLA) selected Ninigret to assist the agency with the remediation and subsequent development of the property.

SITLA, which is an independent agency managing the state’s 4.5 million acres of surface and mineral estate on behalf of the public education system and other state institutions, acquired the property in 2018. After acquiring the property, SITLA entered into Utah’s Voluntary Clean Up Program intent on remediating the landfill, redeveloping the property and returning the parcel back into productive use. The parcel occupies a strategic market position within Salt Lake’s Northwest Quadrant, an area earmarked for significant development. With rail and interstate highway access already in-place, the property meets the needs of many companies looking to locate in this growing region.

Ninigret has been actively involved with the North Temple Landfill since 2006 and has developed a significant level of knowledge pertaining to site conditions and possible remedial action alternatives. This site knowledge, combined with Ninigret’s success on previous brownfield projects and overall real estate development expertise, made Ninigret SITLA’s logical choice.