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Ninigret Park

Ninigret Park is a major commercial center that has helped foster Salt Lake City’s role as a leading regional distribution hub for the mountain and western states. Bounded by California Avenue to the north and 2100 South to the south, Ninigret Park offers unparalleled convenience and access. Salt Lake City International Airport lies only 3 miles to the north, Interstate Highways I-80, I-15 and I-215 are all located within a 3-mile radius and downtown Salt Lake City is less than a 10 minute drive away.

The land for Ninigret Park was purchased in 1994; the first building was built in 1995 and today there is nearly 2.3 million square feet of industrial and office space, consisting of eighteen buildings ranging in size from 60,000 square foot flex buildings to a 278,000 square foot distribution facility and two 94,000 square foot office buildings. Basic features of Ninigret Park include the following: a belief in a park setting and environment; the construction and maintenance of the most advanced technological features in or within a building; a strong dedication to service; a need to provide speed, efficiency and flexibility to the tenant; and an overall belief in enhancing the quality of life of any occupant of the Park.

Ninigret Technology Park

In March 2002, Ninigret announced a major expansion of Ninigret Park to an adjacent 405 acres, making it the 4th largest commercial development project in Utah—the largest of its type in 30 years.

The land was previously used as tailing ponds by its former owners, Harshaw Chemical and Engelhard Corporation, and had remained economically barren for some time. Ninigret Construction Company completed the process of remediating the property, with the cooperation of the Utah Department of Environmental Quality. The expansion area is a prime example of successful cooperation between the state’s regulatory agencies and private industry in transforming an environmentally-impaired property into a productive new development.

Ninigret North

Anticipating the planned extension of State Route 193, Ninigret purchased 156 acres of farmland adjacent to the highway alignment. Ninigret worked with the City of Syracuse to rezone the property, construct the infrastructure, and establish an RDA to enhance the project economics. Ninigret North has been developed in two phases. Phase I consisting of approximately 75 acres of industrially-zoned, rail-served property. Phase II consists of 81 acres of mixed-use development including a 53-acre, 188 single-family home development, a charter school and commercial retail lots along Route 193. Within Phase I, Ninigret has attracted two major national companies: US Cold Storage and Pacific Steele. Both companies built state-of-the-art distribution facilities that service their mountain west customers via rail and truck. The balance of Phase I is currently being developed with industrial flex buildings, serving an expanding local market demand.