Utah Company Buys Port Manatee Commerce Center

The Port Manatee Commerce Center has been sold. The buyer, who closed last week, is an affiliate of real estate investor/developer The Ninigret Group LC of Salt Lake City, Utah.

Utah Finds Gold in Steel

Utah is cashing in on a golden treasure made of steel. Never has there been a more concrete example of this axiom than Pacific Steel & Recycling, a 131-year-old company, that is spreading its profitable operations around the Western US and Canada. Founded as Pacific Hide & Fur Depot in 1885, the Great Falls, Mont.-based […]

Outdoor Retailer Cabela’s Building New Shipping Center in Tooele

By summer of 2015, gear for thousands of hunters, fishers, campers and boating enthusiasts across the West will be moving in and out of a new facility in Tooele. Outdoor outfitter Cabela’s began construction Tuesday on a huge regional distribution hub in an industrial park on Tooele’s west side.

The Ninigret Group Increases Holdings in Utah

The Ninigret Group, L.C. announced today that it has acquired the real estate property known as Utah Industrial Depot and 184 acres in Syracuse, Utah, now known as Ninigret Park North.

Building Out of the Box

When developer Randy Abood decided to build an industrial park in Salt Lake City, he knew what he didn’t want: rows upon rows of identical gray box warehouses. He wanted something cool. That’s why the earth-toned industrial buildings in Abood’s Ninigret Park have features such as towering pillars, huge glass windows and high ceilings that blend with the park’s office buildings. Trees, flowers and landscaping break up a parking lot that otherwise would be a sea of asphalt. Even the tenants’ cars look shiny and new: Abood pays to have a number of them washed weekly.

New Warehouses Take On a Luxe Look

Warehouse developers are thinking outside the plain brown, no-frills box.Minimal attention had been paid to aesthetics on warehouses and industrial parks often located off the beaten path. But now creeping into some new warehouse projects are elements of high-end design—glass curtain walls, precast concrete, skylights, ornamental awnings, elaborate canopies and tasteful earth tones.

History of Ninigret Park

Ninigret Park is an outgrowth of Centennial Park, a major commercial center that has helped foster Salt Lake City’s leading role as a regional distribution hub for the mountain and western states. Bounded by California Avenue to the north and 2100 South to the south, Ninigret Park offers unparalleled convenience and access.